Episode 11: Is It Wrong To Run Unit Tests In A Dungeon?


Build: iOS 10 SDK Development, Chapter 6 (part 1)

Our app now has a little bit of functionality, but what will prevent our further coding efforts from inadvertently breaking something. In this chapter, we introduce automated testing, with which Xcode can exercise our code and make sure it still works as intended. In this first part, we create a basic unit test to ensure the current episode’s title label gets set correctly.


Play: Lost iOS Games: Mirror’s Edge

Back in the day when triple-A platform titles got equally good spinoffs for mobile, EA created a 2.5-D version of their parkour-inspired action game “Mirror’s Edge”. It’s no longer available on the App Store, so here’s a look back at how it played.

Note: Mirror’s Edge is no longer available on the iOS App Store

  • Mirror’s Edge – Xbox 360 (Amazon)
  • Mirror’s Edge – Playstation 3 (Amazon)

Read: Clannad, Part 2

Why is our protagonist, Tomoya, considered a delinquent? Maybe because he spends most of this episode playing pranks on his dumbass (but only) friend, Sunohara.



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