Bonus Episode 1: Not While We’re Here

Ongoing family medical crisis has kept me from doing a regular episode, but I did want to do something… so here’s a mini-episode that replays the finale of Muv-Luv Unlimited to get a different ending than the one we saw in episode 9 (the one that Evan, the Lead Editor of Muv-Luv‘s English translation, insisted via real-time direct message that we take).

Every ending to Unlimited is a downer; at the end of this video, I explain why I like this one better, even if it’s not canonical.

Also, this episode was done to continue research on a bug I’ve encountered with Wirecast 7.6 where a glitch at some point will drop a small number of audio and video frames from the locally-archived recording, and cause the audio to be badly out of sync thereafter (more info in the Wirecast forum). Fortunately for my research, but unfortunately for viewership, the glitch happened again (around 13:35), so that’s present in this video, but I added a second of silence to resync the audio for the rest of the file after that.

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