Episode 19: XML Parse ‘Em


Build: iOS 10 SDK Development, Chapter 8 (part 3)

And now for the weird part. We have an XMLParser that can parse the top-level parts of a podcast feed. But to parse the episodes, we have to create a second parser delegate, one that knows about episodes rather than feeds, and repoint the XMLParser to send its events to the other delegate, then pass it back when it reaches the end of each episode. Sounds weird, and it made a lot more sense in Objective-C than in Swift, but it actually works! And with this, we complete our introduction to XML parsing.


Play: Poker Night 2

Telltale’s Poker Night series brings together a witty group of characters from animation, comics, games, and film, to play cards and make crazy jokes about their various fictional universes. In Poker Night 2, we get to play Texas Hold ‘Em with Brock from The Venture Bros, Claptap from Borderlands, Ash from the Evil Dead series, and Sam from the Sam & Max comics. All with GLaDOS from Portal as the sarcastic dealer. Jokes are courtesy Mike Stemmle (“Strong Bad’s Game for Cool Game for Attractive People”, “Tales of Monkey Island”), and they’re funny.

Read: Muv-Luv Alternative, Episode 3, Part 2

The cadets continue their slog through the Comprehensive Combat Skills Evaluation, their make-or-break test to allow them to begin TSF pilot training. Being on his second trip through this timeline, Takeru knows how it’ll end, but he also knows he’s up against a deadline to prevent Alternative V, so he needs to push history along faster than it went last time. How much of his foreknowledge can he afford to use?


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