Episode 22: Edgy Navigation


Build: iOS 10 SDK Development, Chapter 10 (part 1)

Our podcasting app has two scenes — a list of podcast feeds and their episodes, and an MP3 player UI — but no way to connect the two. What we need is a concept of navigation, of going from one scene to the next, and back again. By adding a navigation controller in this episode, that’s exactly what we get: the ability to select an episode and have it transition to the player.

Play: Edge

While many of the earliest iPhone games are now gone from the App Store — victims of App Store economics, the 64-bit transition, or just disinterest — Edge by Mobigames has somehow hung around for nine years. This clever 3D puzzle game uses a distinct minimalist graphic style and bite-size levels to make for one of the best examples of its era. It also has a long and twisted history, having been pulled from sale multiple times under threat from a trademark troll that laid claim to the word “edge” in seemingly any electronic entertainment.

Read: Muv-Luv Alternative, Episode 4, Part 3

The premature arrival of the UN Undersecretary (who’s also Tama’s father) provides another checkpoint for Takeru’s re-run of history, but it looks like he’s changing history more than he expected. He pushes his luck further by trying to get Yuuko to put the new OS on Chizuru and Ayamine’s TSFs, but he comes up against Yuuko’s hidden desperation at the looming Alternative V deadline.


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