Episode 23: One Ugly Mug


Build: iOS 10 SDK Development, Chapter 10 (part 2)

Last episode, we got our podcast player actually working by using a navigation controller to transition from the episode list scene to the player scene. That uses the default forward-and-back navigation. This episode, we look at other kinds of segues: a modal segue to take us to a scene where we can add a new podcast feed to the list, and an exit segue to back out of it when done.

NOTE: I had a demo fail when recording this live, so the last five minutes are a reshoot. The code is the same, I just needed to scroll to the bottom of the list to find the new episodes. The reshoot also adds a bit about cleaning up images in reusable table view cells.


Play: Fake Cuphead

For a few hours on December 18, 2017, the much-praised game CUPHEAD was available on the iOS App Store. Only, it wasn’t actually CUPHEAD. The app was a fake, using assets stolen from the original PC / XBox One game and ported to a somewhat-convincing mobile version of the original. It’s actually playable, so it’s not a surprise that it got past App Review. The real question is how it was created, and how the creators thought they’d ever get away with it.

  • Fake Cuphead is no longer available on the iOS App Store

Read: Muv-Luv Alternative, Episode 4, Part 4

With the new OS installed on Chizuru and Ayamine’s TSFs, their team breezes to victory in the first mock battle, saving Takeru precious time by avoiding infighting between those two. But now he has a new problem: Mikoto’s dad, a man of many secrets, appears unannounced in Yuuko’s office. And he is clearly up to something.


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