Anime Central 2015 Presentation: Rumbling Hearts to Total Eclipse

Rumbling Hearts to Total Eclipse: The Age of âge is my first anime conference panel, covering the visual novels produced by âge, their anime adaptations, and the state of its tiny English-speaking fandom.

The embedded video is my re-recording of the session at home, without the one-hour time limit that caused me to cut things short at ACen.

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  1. ReplyBobSaget

    The Fate/Stay Night anime was not a "joke" when it came out, it was a big deal. Its what got a lot of people interested in the visual novel in the first place; I wasn't even a fan of it back then but I couldn't escape how freaking big its wiki page was. It was also the best selling visual novel of all time when it came out and the Fate Zero anime wouldn't even exist if the original Fate/Stay Night wasn't so big. Even if there are people who scoff at the first anime now, it was still big when it came out. About the MangaGamer poll: Both Fate and the Majikoi series have both already been fan-translated as well. Baldr Sky hasn't been fan-translated so I can understand why people would vote for it. It really saddens me though, that Muv-Luv Alt and Baldr Sky were beaten by Majikoi, it really says a lot about how out of touch the now "harem-waifu" obsess anime/manga fandom have become to me.

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