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Test Play Segment 02: Love Live! School Idol Festival

In honor of Valentines Day, invalidstream Test Episode 02 shares the love… live. Love Live! School Idol Festival for iOS is a free-to-play rhythm-action game that incorporates the characters and music from the popular Love Live! anime series. In this episode, @invalidname enrolls to see if this game is worth your love, or at least an in-app purchase.

Test Episode 2: Snow Motion

I did another test episode on Feb 14, 2016. Main show was a let’s play of “Love Live School Idol Festival” for iOS, followed by a how-to on creating credit rolls in Motion for Mac OS X.



Love Live! School Idol Festival for iOS

Interstitial – Kagerou Project


Intro to Motion: Building a Credit Roll


Test Build Segment 01: Layer-backed NSViews (and other junk)

For Test Episode 01, I wanted to get an idea of how an Xcode code-along would work, so I took the code for the slideshow app that runs the preshow and showed a few interesting things to play with: how NSViews aren’t backed by CALayers by default, how to add functionality to existing classes like NSColor with Swift extensions, and a few other things.

Largely, my main goal here was to ensure that source code is legible in a 360p stream, with the font size cranked up with the Presentation theme. Honestly, I didn’t do a lot of prep for this, and it shows: I made a number of mistakes, some of which I couldn’t manage to clean up on camera. In the future, code-alongs will be more like my conference classes, where I’ve worked out all the code in advance and can work from notes to ensure that everything will work.