Anime Central 2016: Muv-Luv 8 (Or More) Minutes of Death

For Anime Central 2016, I hosted a panel on Muv-Luv, joined by @Phatdog69 (cosplay expert on the Muv-Luv Community Forums), @dexomega (of AniTAY) , and Theron Martin of Anime News Network.

ACen 2016 Muv-Luv panel

We covered the Kickstarter for the visual novels, related anime like Total Eclipse, Schwarzesmarken, and Rumbling Hearts, and handed out prizes (graciously provided by Degica).

I managed to get decent audio of the session directly off the audio board, and Dex’s friends at AniTAY got video. While they’re working on editing the video for their site, I’m posting an audio-only version here (after the jump):

Listen to the session here:

Or download via the direct link

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