Announcement: No episode Friday, May 26

As anticipated by last week’s announcement, I’m not going to be able to do an episode this Friday. The family medical situation mentioned last time is still in effect, among other obligations that make sequestering in front of the webcam for two hours a dangerous indulgence.

I hope to be back Friday, June 2. In the meantime, I may use an evening next week to do a one-off special recording of either the Muv-Luv panel I was supposed to present at Anime Central, or the Muv-Luv Unlimited ending route I backed out of in episode 9. These wouldn’t be live; I’d just record them locally and post to Vimeo and the site. (Also, this isn’t to imply that I’m more interested in the visual novel content here; it’s just that I want to do the iOS 10 SDK Development lessons in the regular episode flow, and not out-of-band like these specials would be).

Looking further out, on Friday, June 9, I get back from CocoaConf Next Door and WWDC week at 4PM, so it’s technically possible I could be ready to stream by 10PM; it’s mostly a question of whether I actually get home on time and if I build the preshow and episode documents the preceding weekend. So… maybe?

Anyways, with any luck, I’ll see you again next week.

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