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Anime Central 2017: Muv Luv: Eight More Minutes of Death

As promised, here’s the re-recording of the panel that I planned to present at Anime Central 2017, but had to cancel out of due to a family medical situation.

As for regular invalidstream episodes, I’m still trying to figure out how to restart, now that things are almost back to normal in my personal life. Chances are that I’ll need to stream on a different night of the week than Friday, at least for the summer, but I’ll make that decision once I’m ready to start back up (which will be after I get back from Anime Expo, June 30 – July 4).

Announcement: Episode 12 do-over

We had a good time last night, streaming iOS unit tests part 2 (asynchronous testing) from iOS 10 SDK Development, playing the Namco-esque throwback games Electro Master and Hungry Master, and part 3 of Clannad. Unfortunately, I don’t have any videos to post this week.

Screenshot from June 2, 2017 stream recordig

I record a local archive during the stream which I then edit for the videos. As an experiment to improve picture quality, I went from 720p to 1080p this week. This apparently led to a problem where I have a number of dropped frames in the video and audio, and it gets out of sync. This glitch happened a few times in in previous episodes while using Wirecast 7.6, so I edited around those, and reverted to Wirecast 7.5 for this episode. But this recording has far more dropouts than I’ve ever hit before; I guess switching to 1080p (more than twice the bandwidth of 780p) is also a trigger? Maybe it’s just too much video for my six-month-old Mac Pro? At any rate, there are far more dropouts and sync problems than I can fix in FCPX and have the video be in any way watchable.

Then again, I had a few unforced errors in the presentation of the iOS material anyways, so tell you what we’re going to do: assuming my flight back from WWDC / CocoaConf Next Door next Friday gets me home on time, we’ll simply do Episode 12 over again: same preshow videos (even though the Sailor Mars – Wonder Woman Trailer Parody AMV will be a little less timely), same iOS lesson on expectations and asynchronous unit testing, same games, same choices in Clannad (after all, we still want to meet Best Girl, the one who beats up the bikers).

So, barring any further complications in technology or my life in general, look forward to that on June 9. With fewer tech errors. 🤞