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Summer Hiatus

So… yeah, has kind of gone dark recently, huh?

Sorry, I feared this might happen. It’s just been a real triple-whammy in my personal life the last few months, with a lot of time AFK for an ill parent, and then super-high-maintenance ASD kid. The latter is a real problem in the Summer, as the neighborhood gets noisy and the nights are crazy long. Basically, all the evening time that had been going into prepping invalidstream episodes instead goes into dealing with his problems. Well, that and writing another book, but that’s something to talk about another time.

Anyways, at this point, it’s obviously time to just accept that the entire Summer is a scratch for livestreaming, and I’ll plan to restart in September, after everyone’s back in school.

This delay does mean that the iOS 10 book material will be a little dated (but not that bad), but there are still lots of games to play, plus the release of Muv-Luv Alternative has gotta happen sooner or later, and that’ll blow the minds of all 5 of you who saw any of the Muv-Luv Unlimited streams.

In the meantime, enjoy a tease of the usual mid-show Let’s Play weirdness… this is a Macross-based idol music game that just hit the Japan iOS App Store.