Episode 16: It’s Different For Skullgirls


Build: iOS 10 SDK Development, Chapter 7 (part 2)

Using closures (and a convenient method provided by AVPlayer) lets us update the time display of our podcast player, but all is not well. When it comes to closures, memory management and queueing present subtle issues that will become subtle bugs if we’re not careful. In this episode, we see how weak references keep us from leaking memory, and how we keep our UI work on the one “main” queue where it’s allowed.


Play: Skullgirls

Originally a console release in 2012, Skullgirls came to mobile in 2017, and it may be the least likely fighting game you’ve ever seen. The game has a Roaring 20’s jazz age aesthetic that’s more Ub Iwerks than Akira Toriyama. It has an RPG-like story mode where you level up and buy your moves and abilities. And it ditches the simulated D-pad + 4 button approach in favor of one-hand touch-and-swipe input. Grab your flapper dress and a chainsaw; it’s showtime.

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Takeru heads out to the shooting range with the rest of the class, where he continues to impress with his military skills accumulated from previously experiencing these events on a different timeline. He’s also becoming keenly aware that he’s pushing his luck with his “special” status. Fortunately, he may be able to take his Awesome McAwesomepants act down a peg when an old friend reappears.



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