Episode 28: 64 Bytes of RAM


Build: Keynote for iPad

While I’m waiting to be able to announce my next book, I’m going to show off some different kinds of creative projects in the first part of weekly livestream. This week, I show off my favorite productivity app for iPad, Keynote, which lets you create slideshow presentations with nearly as much power as the desktop app offers. Combined with the convenience of iCloud syncing and a file format that works on both macOS and iOS, it’s what I use for presenting at developer conferences and anime conventions. This demo focuses on file sharing, simple slide set up, and “builds”, which perform the animations that Keynote is known for.


Play: Odyssey²

The Odyssey² console, introduced in 1978, was Magnavox’s answer to the challenge presented by the Atari VCS (later renamed the 2600). It was a modest success, less popular than the VCS or the Mattel Intellivision, but did a few interesting things. It came with a built-in keyboard, but with only 64 *bytes* of RAM, couldn’t hold on to any meaningful amount of user-entered content. Its graphics are far more committed to sprites than other systems of the time, meaning that while Odyssey² games rarely flicker, they can’t do scrolling at all, and interacting with the background is difficult. This shows up in game designs like the Pac-Man knockoff “K. C. Munchkin”, where instead of eating dozens of dots off the maze floor, there are only 12 dots… but they move. And while many games released for the system have clear arcade inspirations, there’s no accounting for the deeply weird “Killer Bees”, arguably the best game made for the platform.

  • The O2EM emulator for macOS is part of OpenEmu: openemu.org

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Takeru is delighted with his progress changing the BETA-verse timeline, having briefly returned to his own timeline to get help with Yuuko’s equations, and skipping the entire misadventure at Mt. Tengen. However, his giddiness at saving 10 days leads to an argument with Meiya in the PX, and when he runs after Ayamine to soothe things over, she drops a letter that suggests she might be involved with secret intrigues that would be worthy of a court-martial if anyone found out. What the hell is she up to?


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