Episode 30: The Iron Rose Organization


Build: Building Apps on iPad with Dringend

It’s Xcode for iPad! Not really… but close? Maybe? Dringend is an iPad app for working with iOS or Mac Xcode projects, either locally created or imported with git or Dropbox. It can edit text files (source code, Info.plists) and view images, but lacks a storyboard/nib editor. The really surprising this is that it can actually build projects by sending them over the network to a helper app running on your Mac. With Dropbox, it can even install the resulting iOS app back to your iPad, giving you a complete solution to building iOS apps on iOS.

Does it work? Well, let’s just say they’re off to a good start, but there are a number of deal-killers in the current version. Still, it could get really good.


Play: Love Nikki: Dress-Up Queen

In a couple of episodes, I’ve covered in-app purchase games and focused mostly on their “game” elements, and kind of disparaging the in-game economy elements of virtual currencies, inventory management and the like. So, for a change, I picked a game that’s only about those features. Love Nikki: Dress-Up queen is a fashion-based game where you combine elements from a virtual wardrobe to compete in competitions to see who’s the most stylishly dressed. The game is simple, but the inventory is deep, with not only a store, but almost alchemy-like techniques to create new fashions that you need to win the fashion-offs.

Note: I made a mistake on the livestream and forgot to mix in my mic for a couple minutes early in the video; that’s been edited out of this archive video.

Read: Muv-Luv Alternative, Episode 6, Part 3

As the coup d’état proceeds in Tokyo, its effects are felt in Yokohama as the cadets prepare for a possible deployment. Takeru checks in on Chizuru to see how she’s handling the assasination of her father, but she’ll have none of it. Complicating matters: Imperial Japanese troops surround the base, putting the UN-flagged cadets potentially on the wrong side of a conflict with their own countrymen. And speaking of betrayal, what is the deal with Ayamine and all those letters? Takeru asks her for some answers…



I’ll be (co-)presenting two sessions at Anime Central in Chicago, May 18-20, one on the Muv-Luv franchise and the other on Wake Up, Girls! The current registration tier (the last one offering mailed-out badges) ends April 1.

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