Episode 32: Transmit in English, The Official International Language


Build: Xcode Treasures: Debugging (part 1)

So, the secret’s out — because I’m scheduled to do a talk at Ann Arbor CocoaHeads on Thursday — that the new book I’ve been working on is all about Xcode. Rather than being a API guide to an SDK, this book is all about the Xcode app itself, and all the things it can do for you that you might not have realized. To that end, the book happily intermingles examples from iOS, macOS, and even tvOS and watchOS, using Swift, Objective-C and even procedural C.

To kick off a series of videos with demos from the book, here’s an introduction to debugging with breakpoints. You’ll see how to use breakpoints to step through your code and analyze the program’s state, to help figure out what your code is doing and why. This episode also looks at some of the additional features of Xcode breakpoints, like stopping only if a certain condition is true, logging messages when the breakpoint is hit, and even playing short sounds to debug high-speed conditions like gesture tracking.


Play: BanG Dream! Girls Band Party

BanG Dream! is a multimedia project that aims to take the next step beyond anime / real-world idol groups like Love Live’s μ’s and Aquours by focusing on idols who can not only sing, but can play their own instruments. To this end, they’ve recently released an English-language version of their mobile game, “Bang Dream! Girls Band Party!”, and it’s got EN anitwitter talking about BanG Dream! more than it ever has in the past, thanks in part to cute original songs and a deep selection of anisong covers, including OPs from popular anime like Attack On Titan, Little Busters, Steins;Gate and more.

Read: Muv-Luv Alternative, Episode 6, Part 5

With the escaped Shogun now in their care, the squadron makes plans to spirit her away to safety before the coup d’état forces can capture her. The plan is risky because it requires top speed and boost jumps, something the Shogun is ill-equipped to handle as a passenger without a fortified suit. But the monarch proves to be much more formidable than Takeru would ever have guessed, and she trusts him with the surprising secret of her relationship to Meiya.



I’ll be (co-)presenting two sessions at Anime Central in Chicago, May 18-20, one on the Muv-Luv franchise and the other on Wake Up, Girls! The current registration tier (the last one offering mailed-out badges) ends April 1.

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