Episode 33: Hello, Mr. Spiky-Head


Build: Xcode Treasures: Debugging (part 2)

Continuing a dive into Xcode’s support for debugging, here’s a look at other powerful breakpoint features. We start by looking at the console, which you might think is just for logging output, but actually offers a command line interface to LLDB, the low-level debugger. And by using the ability to arbitrarily execute code on that command line, we gain the remarkable ability to change an app’s behavior *while* it’s running. Plus, for something more visual, we’ll see how the QuickLook button can show previews of graphic objects like images (provided you don’t crash Xcode like I do in the video).

  • Xcode on the Mac App Store
  • [I’ll post a link to the book once it’s officially announced by the publisher]


Play: Final Fantasy Dissidia Opera Omnia

The “Dissidia” sub-series brings together characters from the massive “Final Fantasy” franchise in an ultimate dark-versus-light battle. On consoles, the titles are wild fighting games. But for mobile, the title has been rethought as a hybrid of traditional turn-based RPG along with daily quests, limited-time events, gacha / loot box mechanics and all the rest. Is it any good? I’ve only played a little bit so far, but it sure it pretty if nothing else.

Read: Muv-Luv Alternative, Episode 6, Part 6

Just when it seems the cadets might escape the coup d’état forces, events go bad quickly. The shogun, incapable of tolerating the violent ride inside the TSF without the protection of a fortified suit, passes out, and Takeru is faced with a terrible choice: sedate her to keep moving, at the risk of possibly killing her in the process. Making things harder, he’s pulled between the orders of the American major commanding the operation, and the objections of Marimo and Tsukiyomi, who are aghast at the idea of a foreigner ordering the sedation of Japan’s head of state. And while they argue, the sound of jet engines overhead signal that a bad situation has just gotten very much worse…



I’ll be (co-)presenting two sessions at Anime Central in Chicago, May 18-20, one on the Muv-Luv franchise and the other on Wake Up, Girls! The current registration tier (the last one offering mailed-out badges) ends April 1.

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