Episode 34: Welcome to Wet Willie’s


Build: Xcode Treasures: Debugging (part 3)

Digging into deeper debugging depths, we show how many crashing bugs are by their nature hard to find, but how Xcode’s improvements over the last few years make it much easier. First, we start with Obj-C exceptions like arrays out of bounds, which ordinary blow you out to main.m with little idea of where the true problem occurred. By using an exception breakpoint, you can stop execution at the very line that throws the exception, thereby revealing the bug. With the Main Thread Checker, crashes that result from modifying the UI from a non-main thread are also revealed right at the line that causes them. And with the Address Sanitizer, crashing bugs caused by memory management mistakes in C can be clearly identified and fixed.


Play: Pinball Arcade – White Water

1993’s White Water is a fairly mellow game compared to other pins of its era. It has a wide open, two-level playfield to recreate the experience of whitewater rafting, and getting to its top prize requires working through a series of themed events and carefully managing accomplishments with an onscreen “vacation planner”. Also, you get to set Bigfoot’s feet on fire, and discover a stash of gold nuggets.

Read: Muv-Luv Alternative, Episode 6, Part 7

Capt. Sagiri and his coup d’état forces have surrounded Takeru and his allies, giving them one hour to turn over the Shogun. Takeru know she won’t be able to recover from her injuries in such a short time, so he goes to his comrades one-by-one to see how they’re all doing, and figure out what comes next.



I’ll be (co-)presenting two sessions at Anime Central in Chicago, May 18-20, one on the Muv-Luv franchise and the other on Wake Up, Girls! The current registration tier (the last one offering mailed-out badges) ends April 1.

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