Daily archives "May 24, 2018"

Episode 37: //FIXME


Build: Xcode Treasures: Editing (part 2)

Taking another trip into the source code editor, we look at how self-documentation helps you move around your code base and find things more quickly. It starts with the symbol menu, the right-most element of the jump bar, which automatically offers quick access to every property, function, method, extension, etc. in the current source file. You can organize this further with special comments to name sections, add dividers, and include to-dos and fix-mes. Next, doc comments on symbols provide a good way to declare your code’s interface, and in Xcode you can even write your comments in Markdown to include simple styling and links. Finally, check out the immensely useful open-quickly command, which navigates to the source of any symbol, including those in Apple’s frameworks, where you’ll sometimes find a very different story from what’s in the platform documentation.


Play: DanMachi: Memoria Freese (again)

Last episode, I had a let’s play of “Danmachi: Memoria Freese” blow up in my face because after 10 minutes, it needed to do a 20-minute data download. So this time, I got everything loaded up to make a proper run through the early tutorial content of this game.

Moreover, I had a better grip on the material, because during the break, I went to Anime Central with my friend Mikey, who showed me the first episode of the source anime, “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon”, much of whose dialogue is recreated word-for-word in the game’s tutorial. It also gave me a better grounding in the franchise and what the game is trying to do.

Speaking of anime, the episode starts with a brief photo show-and-tell of my trip to ACen 2018.

Read: Muv-Luv Alternative, Episode 7, Part 1

With the coup d’état foiled, Takeru returns to his main task: saving Alternative IV by helping Yuuko complete the “00 Unit” (whatever that is). He wakes up back in his original world, remembering that Yuuko has sent him there one last time with an 18-hour window to meet up with that timeline’s Yuuko to get the equations her BETA-verse equivalent needs. But a full waking day in his old world means interacting his old friends under the guise of rom-com silliness, and Takeru may now be too hardened by his experiences to play the fool anymore.