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Anime Central 2017: Muv Luv: Eight More Minutes of Death

As promised, here’s the re-recording of the panel that I planned to present at Anime Central 2017, but had to cancel out of due to a family medical situation.

As for regular invalidstream episodes, I’m still trying to figure out how to restart, now that things are almost back to normal in my personal life. Chances are that I’ll need to stream on a different night of the week than Friday, at least for the summer, but I’ll make that decision once I’m ready to start back up (which will be after I get back from Anime Expo, June 30 – July 4).

Anime Central 2016: Muv-Luv 8 (Or More) Minutes of Death

For Anime Central 2016, I hosted a panel on Muv-Luv, joined by @Phatdog69 (cosplay expert on the Muv-Luv Community Forums), @dexomega (of AniTAY) , and Theron Martin of Anime News Network.

ACen 2016 Muv-Luv panel

We covered the Kickstarter for the visual novels, related anime like Total Eclipse, Schwarzesmarken, and Rumbling Hearts, and handed out prizes (graciously provided by Degica).

I managed to get decent audio of the session directly off the audio board, and Dex’s friends at AniTAY got video. While they’re working on editing the video for their site, I’m posting an audio-only version here (after the jump):
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Anime Weekend Atlanta 2015 Presentation: Rumbling Luv Maniax

I still have more work to do before the livestreaming part of this site is ready to go (day job and the iOS book have kept me from it), but in the meantime, I did a radically overhauled version of my anime conference presentation, necessitated by the topic getting elevated by the wildly-successful Muv-Luv kickstarter. At Anime Central, I had 7 attendees (3 of whom were my friends). At AWA, there were probably 20, and the video has been viewed 400 times in the first 72 hours it’s been up.

I’m kind of happy with the fact that this is a full half-hour shorter than the Anime Central video, yet covers more stuff, thanks to spending far less time in plot-recap mode.

Anime Central 2015 Presentation: Rumbling Hearts to Total Eclipse

Rumbling Hearts to Total Eclipse: The Age of âge is my first anime conference panel, covering the visual novels produced by âge, their anime adaptations, and the state of its tiny English-speaking fandom.

The embedded video is my re-recording of the session at home, without the one-hour time limit that caused me to cut things short at ACen.